New Release: Erotic Romance “Corporal Punishment”

Today I’m launching Trudy Judd’s new erotic romance serial, Deena and the Professor, featuring Deena Hancock, a college student who has always been a good girl…and really wants to be a bad girl. She’s got the hots for her Psychology professor, Alexander Sturm, who is more then ten years older than her and very sexy with his European accent and his quiet commanding voice. Deena wants to learn about it all, explore the deepest depravities of her sexual fantasies.

Maybe even fall in love.

Available NOW at Amazon, Smashwords, IBooks, AllRomanceEbooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and more!

Amazon: Corporal Punishment (Deena and the Professor 1)

ARE: Corporal Punishment (Deena and the Professor 1)

Barnes and Noble: Corporal Punishment (Deena and the Professor 1)

Deena one v4 400



Then she felt the warm touch of his hand on the small of her back. She trembled, squirming. He pressed the palm against her, moving his hand slowly up to her neck, tangling his fingers in her long brown hair. Deena sighed, arching into the touch.

“I’ll consider it,” he said after a moment. “Depending on how well you take your punishment.”

Deena half-closed her eyes in bliss. She loved the sound of his voice. “Yes, Sir. Do I need to be quiet?” She imagined she’d need to be, what with other offices nearby. She gasped as the professor pushed up her skirt, revealing her pink panties that were damp with her arousal.

“Not to worry,” Professor Sturm said in a low tone, almost crooning. Thumbs hooked under the waistband of her panties. Before Deena could even think of a protest, he’d pulled her panties down and removed them completely.

She squeaked with surprise, but then to her shock and horror, he stuffed the panties into her mouth, silencing her. “As I said, not to worry.” Deena stared up at him. She wanted to be angry. What right did he have to gag her? And yet, at the same time, this was incredibly hot. She could smell herself, and taste the salt of her juices. She’d tasted herself before, while masturbating. She’d wondered if other women tasted the same. But she’d never had somebody force her to do it. Her pussy seemed to think this was all a great idea. Pulses of pleasure swept through her. She might come before he’d even barely touched her. How embarrassing that would be!



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