Where does the time go? Progress Report

I swear that each month seems to flow faster than the one before it. Somehow in the jumble of last week I missed my usual mid-month progress report on my WIPs and general writing.

With all the craziness in my life right now, I decided to put most of my efforts towards two particular projects: the mm weretiger novel, and the erotic romance serial for another pen name that I just began launching this month. However, I still try to get words in on the other projects when possible. I am STILL waiting for word back from the publisher on Murder One, Book 1 of the Oddities series. I’ll be sending an email after Thanksgiving to follow up on that.

Current WIPS:

1. Forest of Thorns and Claws (weretiger M/M), currently at 49,300 words, and yay, I’m in the climax scene!  Final estimated to be about 60k.

2. Fraud and Extortion (The Oddities Book 2, paranormal M/M suspense), currently at 21, 000, estimated to be about 90k.

3. Fae Fortunes (YA M/M paranormal), currently at 35,700, estimated 65k.

And then there’s the other two projects in other pen names still moving forward as well.


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