Review: Chasing Death Metal Dreams

Book: Chasing Death Metal Dreams

Author: Kaje Harper

Publisher: MMRomance Group on

Genre: LGBT Romance (Trans, FTM/M)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

(This book was written as part of the MMRomance Group on Goodread’s “Don’t Read in the Closet” event, 2015.  It’s offered for free and was based on a written prompt.)

I’ve read other work by Kaje Harper before (Life Lessons 1), but this was the first time I’ve read a romance between a gay biological man and a transgender man. I have friends in the LGBT community who are trans, and I’ve heard some stories about how they transitioned, so I found this a fascinating topic to discuss in a romance.

I think the Kaje nailed it–the death metal culture, the mixture of Latino and Mexican culture, and the experience of being a transitioned FTM (female to male). Kaje didn’t even shy back from the full description of sex, in all it’s awkwardness…and glory. This is a romance that stretches the reader’s understanding of what it means to be gay, and to be male.

I recommend this for readers of gay romance, LGBT romance in general, and particularly to those who love rock band romance.


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