Deena and the Professor now in Kindle Unlimited

Just to let people know, you can now get Part One of Deena and the Professor on Kindle Unlimited, or otherwise only for 99 cents!  Corporal Punishment introduces the character of Deena Hancock, a lusty college student who is eager to shed her good girl past and delve into the deeper side of BDSM with an older, more experienced teacher. Who just happens to be her Psychology professor.

You can also preorder Part Two, “Missionary Position,” which will be released this Wednesday!

Amazon link:

Deena one v4 400

blurb:   It’s her first day at college, and Deena wants to learn about more than books. She’s always craved to learn more about the urges of her body and the taboo secrets of sex. When her professor catches her playing with a wooden paddle, Deena knows it will either be her worst punishment ever, or her greatest reward. He’s handsome, older, and seems to know about more than just academic subjects.

The question is, can he teach her all the kinkiest things she’s ever fantasized about? Or maybe the bigger question is, can she keep her heart from falling in love with him…


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