Writing Goals for 2016

I’m pulling over a post I wrote in my other pen name’s blog one year ago, with my 2015 goals. I’ve had a shift in my writing over the past two years, and I’ve gone from writing a lot of fantasy and science fiction under one pen name to now writing mostly gay romance under this name. With the signing of a two book contract with Riptide, I’m going to continue to concentrate on writing gay romance this year.

So here’s what I said a year ago:

In 2011 I probably wrote about 50,000 words or so. Much of that was in fanfiction.

In 2012, I wrote about 78,000. Most of this was in short stories and my first fantasy novel, now published.

In 2013, I wrote 96,000 words.

And in 2014, I wrote 146,773 words of NEW writing, for books, novellas, and short stories. That word count does not include edits, blog entries, or anything else. It’s my best year ever.  My goal was 125,000. (Note–much of this was the writing of Book One of the Oddities series, coming out this year!)

So what’s my goal for 2015?  I think I can make 150,000 words. I find that the more I write, the easier it is to write more. Writing creatively is like running–it uses “muscles” which must be trained and honed to be able to produce more. I started with very modest daily goals, and now I’m writing between 750 to 1000 words per day. I’m going to make it a goal in 2015 to have as many 1000 word days as possible.

We’ll see what else 2015 brings.

So here’s what 2015 actually brought. I wrote 200,036 words of new material–although I did include words for new scenes added to the first Oddities book when I did a Revise and Resubmit back in July. So I WAY blew past my 2015 goal!  I never thought I’d get so many new words written in a year, not while working full time and taking care of two dependents, one of them with health issues. So I’m thrilled!

I’ll be honest; I don’t know if I can do it again. But I’m going to try. My goal for 2016 is to write 185,000 words. Why is it lower that what I actually wrote in 2015? Because my work situation has changed again, and I’m not writing as much as I was for much of last year. Maybe I’ll surprise myself again. We’ll see.

My goals this year are to submit edits and promote the publication of Book One of the Oddities series, finish and submit Book Two of the Oddities series (for a 2017 release), finish and self-publish my mm weretiger novel, finish and submit my YA mm novel, finish and self-publish my 3rd pen name erotica serial romance, and finish and possibly publish that stupid 3rd fantasy novel that is taking forever to write. If I can get all that done, I’ll be a happy camper.

Last, here’s my roundup from December on my writing:

Current WIPS:

1. Forest of Thorns and Claws (weretiger M/M), currently at 53,326 words, and I’m past the main climax, moving into the wrap-up. I figure I have two and a half chapters to go.  Final estimated to be about 60k.

2. Fraud and Extortion (The Oddities Book 2, paranormal M/M suspense), currently at 23,741, estimated to be about 90k. Due to publisher by October 1.

3. Fae Fortunes (YA M/M paranormal), currently at 36,313, estimated 65k.

4. Deena and the Professor (Trudy Judd, BDSM romance), Five out of 10 parts written, first 3 parts either published or submitted for pre-order, currently at 486 words on Part 6 (estimated to be 8k).

5. Fantasy novel currently at 78,354 words, total will be 110k.

If I total up the words needed to finish all these current WIPS, it comes to about 175k. So there’s my year, basically.


One thought on “Writing Goals for 2016

  1. ameliabishop says:

    Wow! Awesome accomplishments and great goals! I am sure you can make these happen 🙂

    p.s.- I hope I will get to beta read the weretiger story! I loved the few chapters I read of it.

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