RELEASE DAY: Sensory Overload

Well it’s here! For a limited time, grab your copy of Part Four in the BDSM erotic serial romance, Deena and the Professor: Sensory Overload for just 99 cents on Amazon. Also part of Kindle Unlimited.

Deena Four v2 200 x 300

On her first day of college, Deena met the man of her dreams—her Psychology professor! He took control of her fantasies, showed her HARD DISCIPLINE, captured her FIRST EXPERIENCE and made a contract with her to teach her all the ways of submission and domination.

She’s already let him take the best parts of her innocence. But Deena wants more. He promises her a ride to test the limits of SENSATION, to capture her body and release her spirit. She only has to trust him. And she already knows she’s falling in love with him. The question is whether he feels the same way.

(Part Four of a ten part series; each part will be published monthly. Parts One through Five will be bundled, and then Parts Six through Ten will be bundled as well. Notice for BDSM, girl on girl action, and multiple partners.)

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Deena put her plan into action the following morning by giving the Professor an early morning blow job.

They’d showered before falling asleep, and she could still taste a faint hint of soap on his skin as she licked her way down to his cock. It had woken even before he did. When he opened his blue eyes and smiled at her, she swallowed him whole, massaging the base of his cock with her tongue.

“Well aren’t you an eager minx?” he asked, as Deena worked her way back up to the head, sucking on it like candy. She smiled at him even with her mouth full. She was learning things. She might be ten years younger than him, just a freshman in college, eighteen and inexperienced. But she was learning. Last night he’d taken her anal cherry. Now she wanted to make sure that he kept interest in her.

Her long brown hair trailed over Professor Sturm’s thighs as Deena tried to copy what she’d seen in porno flicks, the bobbing up and down. She squeaked in surprise when the professor grabbed hold of her hair and forced her to take him even deeper, nearly gagging her.

“Enough teasing, girl,” he said, voice still rough with sleep. She made a sound of protest as he began fucking her mouth, holding her so that she couldn’t even get a breath, and yet her pussy twitched in need. She liked the rough, almost callous treatment. Deena still didn’t understand why. It was just how she was wired, she supposed.

Before she was even ready for him, he groaned, and shot his load down her throat. Deena did her best to take it, tears leaking from her eyes, but some dribbled out the corners of her mouth. He released her allowing her to taste him and wipe at her mouth.

He surprised her by kissing her, and it wasn’t just a peck either. Apparently he didn’t mind the taste of himself. “You’re such a natural,” Professor Sturm said, smiling at Deena.

She blushed. “A natural what?” Whore, her mind supplied, in her mother’s voice. Slut. Tramp.

“Such a natural submissive,” he finished, rising to head to the bathroom. Deena heard the sounds of him washing up and using the toilet. She glanced at the bed, messed up from their activities the night before.

Deena took her turn once he was done, and returned to the bed before asking the question burning at her. “What does that mean, exactly?” He’d told her last night that there was more to submitting than just sex, and he’d said that today he’d show her. She still had several items on her list of things she wanted to sexually explore—he’d spanked her, taken her virginity, shown her how to give a blow job, given her anal sex. But there was so much more. After a long frustrating adolescence, Deena was a woman now. She wanted to explore everything.


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