A sense of accomplishment

I just wanted to announce that I just finished the initial draft of my m/m weretiger romance, Forest of Thorns and Claws. I’m working on the “Afterword” right now, but the story itself is about 62,000 words. Next comes the editing, and then I’ll be sending it off to the publisher.

Phew!  It always feels good to finish a book!

In other news, I’ve just about hit the midway point on the 2nd Oddities book, and I should be getting line edits soon for the first book. I’m hoping to fast track the weretiger book through production, but otherwise I won’t have anything big out until September.

I’m also considering doing a steampunk novella, as I start to clear my plate a bit. Of course I’m also still working on the YA paranormal mmromance.

Spring is always a creative time for me, and I like to make use of the amped up energy. Spring is also some of the nicest weather for Arizona, with wildflowers on the desert hills, festivals happening every weekend, and people generally enjoying the outdoors. I went to a Japanese festival a couple weekends ago, and then to the Renaissance Festival last weekend for my birthday. Huzzah! (Yes, that’s where my featured photo came from–I took the shot. I was impressed that they have female squires riding in the joust now. Go women!)


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