Release Day! Masochistic Tendencies

Well it’s the release day for Part Five of the BDSM serial romance, Deena and the Professor. As I stated in the original description, I’ll next be bundling Parts One through Five to offer in a bundled pack. That will come out at the end of March.

I’m afraid there will probably be a slowdown of releases now; I’m in the process of writing Part Six, and things have gotten rather crazy. But fear not; this serial will be finished. I’m still hoping for Six to be released some time in April. Part Seven? That may be more like in June. On the good side? Part Five is the longest episode yet, at about 10,500 words, and a full BDSM scene with caning and whips. Enjoy!

Amazon link:

Deena Five v1 copy 400 x 600


On her first day of college, Deena met the man of her dreams—her Psychology professor! He took control of her fantasies, showed her HARD DISCIPLINE, captured her FIRST EXPERIENCE and made a contract with her to teach her all the ways of submission and domination.

Each step into her sexual journey, Deena found she wanted more and more. Professor Alexander Sturm captured both her body and her heart. But this is only supposed to be a casual affair. Deena doesn’t want it to end. She’s falling for him, and hard.

Now she has a problem. In class, he ignores her. Is this a test? Or is she beginning to lose thing she wants most? Deena has to figure out a way to make him want to keep her. Permanently. Even if it means risking PAIN and PUNISHMENT at his favorite BDSM club.


On Monday morning, Deena still felt tender and sore from the things her Psychology professor had done to her over the weekend.

This time when she shifted her seat in class, it was because she swore she could still feel his cock in her ass, his mouth on her breasts. Yet her sexual training had done something else. Gone were her nerves and her guilt. She felt amazing, with more confidence than she’d ever had in her life.

It was all thanks to Professor Alex Sturm, a German immigrant in his thirties, with hair that was nearly black and eyes that were startlingly blue. He had on a blue shirt today with black slacks, and he seemed cool and at ease, going over the syllabus for the week, talking about personality disorders.

Sunday he’d nearly kissed her. Almost.

As he talked about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Deena narrowed her eyes at him, doodling in her notebook. You’re going to make me yours. You just don’t want to say it yet. If he wanted to be all noble and stuff, saying that she needed to experiment with other guys before committing to anything, that was fine. He could think that all he liked. Deena, however, knew how she felt. She’d been waiting a long time to meet someone like Alex Sturm, professor or no. She liked the air of authority he had over her, particularly as her teacher, both at the university and in the bedroom. But she wasn’t fooling herself. She’d like his air of authority even without those connections.

Deena yearned to be his girl. His naughty, submissive little girl.

“And that is why students must be careful in trying to diagnose either themselves or their friends, as they read this text. Because all men are narcissists at heart. That doesn’t mean they have NPD, however.” Professor Sturm’s words startled Deena out of her thoughts, and she could have kicked herself. She’d lost focus once again, and her notes were in shambles. She’d have to read the chapter extra closely now.

“Please write a five page paper on the personality disorder of your choosing, together with references on current research regarding that disorder and your reasoning for why you picked that particular topic. Papers will be due Friday,” Professor Sturm announced, and the bell rang, signaling the end of the class period.

As she gathered up her papers, Deena’s hands shook. Should she try to talk to him today? Or just let things be, and see if he’d approach her? This was getting confusing. On the one hand, she wanted to please him, but she didn’t want to come across as desperate.

On the other hand, she was desperate. A look, a touch, a smile; any of it would be good right now.

Deena moved slowly, giving the other students plenty of time to exit the classroom, her heart beating fast and her skin on fire, waiting to see if he’d call her name or walk over.

He didn’t. She heard the door to the back offices open and close, and when she looked up, he was gone.

Pain tore through her chest. Deena told herself it was all just part of the act; nobody could know that they were anything but teacher and student. Yet still it felt like a betrayal. She’d knelt on the kitchen floor in punishment for him. She’d allowed him to strap her into a sex sling and pour hot wax on her and stick ice up her cunt. Somehow, it seemed she deserved a little more consideration.

As Deena headed out of the classroom, she thought furiously about her next move. She looked down at her clothing, wondering if it was too demure or too young. He was several years older, after all, and one of the reasons he was holding back was because of their age difference. What if he saw her in a more mature outfit? Perhaps with her hair up?

Sexy and sophisticated, she thought. Yes, perhaps I first grabbed him with the young and sex-crazed, but to keep him, I’ll have to alter things a bit. Men always want what they can’t have, right?

She managed to get her assignment from one of her classmates, and forced herself not to visit his office, not to call him, not to do anything until the next class session on Wednesday. Besides, he had mentioned having some kind of special reading assignments for her, which he’d get to sooner or later. She didn’t want to look quite so desperate and available.


On Wednesday, she wore her hair pinned up, with a sexy silk top with a plunging neckline and a scoop back. She sat in the back rather than her usual spot in the second row, and chatted animatedly with some of the frat boys who were also taking the class, ignoring the Professor entirely.

Deena actually managed to pay attention in class, mostly because she had something to prove. Yes, she couldn’t help but think about Professor Sturm’s thick cock penetrating her every time he turned her way. And yes, his blue eyes were still just as devastating, and her first instinct was to grovel at his feet. But nope. Not today.

If he seemed bothered by her aloofness, he didn’t show it. The Professor was as charming as always, even going so far as to make a few jokes about their Narcissism assignments. She turned hers in, wondering what he’d think of it. No, she hadn’t added anything sexy. She understood he needed to take his job seriously, and she wasn’t about to jeopardize that. But there was some spice in the words she’d chosen for certain things, if he cared to read between the lines.

He’s testing my patience. Just like he tested me in the swing. For Deena, it was the only explanation for the professor’s standoffish behavior. By the end of class, she was sweating in her blouse, on fire with the need to touch him, to speak with him. Was he really going to be such an asshole to not keep her updated? She didn’t even know when her next date with him would be, or what she’d be learning!

When the bell rang, again Deena made a little show of packing up, giving him time to approach her. The worst thing about all this was that her body was used to having sex with him now, and her pussy was on fire, making it difficult to concentrate. Wasn’t that the problem she’d first come to him to solve? It was so much worse now, however.

Deena couldn’t help glancing over at Professor Sturm to see if he was going to leave for his office again.

Their eyes met. Deena thought she saw just the faintest glimmer of amusement in the professor’s eyes.

Then he turned away.

Deena clenched her fists, and screamed silently inside her head. That was on purpose! He knew she was waiting for his next words, that he’d awoken a fire in her that only he could extinguish. This was pure torture for the fun of it!

Once again, there were two options. She could try to ignore him back. But what good would that do, really? He was already proving to be better at this game.

Deena stood and walked over to him, making sure not to slouch, and to use all her body’s attributes. She pressed her breasts up against him brazenly, glaring at him. “Professor? Can I ask you a question?”

Was that a smile on his face? How dare he smile! And how dare her body betray her—her nipples were already hardening, her pussy growing wet. “Yes, Ms. Hancock? How can I help you today?” There wasn’t a trace of that heated intensity in his voice that he used when they were alone. Aloof and cool, yes, that was Professor Sturm today.

Deena saw red. “I believe we have some unfinished business that we need to schedule.” She was proud of the fact she could speak coherently, even professionally. She backed off a step, but kept up her “attack” by rubbing at her throat, letting her hand trail down to tug at her shirt and reveal even more bosom. There was something exciting and powerful about this game. Two weeks ago, she wouldn’t have dared confronting someone like this.

Professor Sturm was grinning now, standing with his arms crossed. “I see. A matter of some urgency, I take it.”

Couldn’t he just come out and say something? Or give her a note? Deena realized she was panting, she was so angry. “Yes. I believe you mentioned tutoring.” If this was a test on seeing if she could act like a normal student around him, then she thought she should get an A. All she wanted to do right now was tear open his trousers and start sucking on his cock. It didn’t matter where they were.

“Mm, yes. I believe I have some time on Friday. You know how to contact me.” Professor Sturm gathered up his papers. “Have a nice day, Miss Hancock.” With that, he headed back to his office.

Deena counted to ten, and then to twenty. She had half a mind to follow him, but she still had the feeling this was some kind of test. “Bastard,” she muttered under her breath. Friday, fine. She’d finger herself like crazy tonight, just to spite him. Maybe it wouldn’t be as good as the naughty things he’d been doing to her lately. But she’d be damned if she was going to just chase after a man who didn’t even act like he wanted her.

Even though she still wanted him like crazy.


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