A bit late–March WIP wrapup

Real life was crazy last week, so I didn’t get up my monthly work in progress post. So here that is, and then later this week I’ll talk about some new characters I’m developing for the Oddities Books 4 through 6. (What are the Oddities books, you say? You’ll find out in September, when the first one comes out!)

Just to give an update on things, lately I’ve been working on edits to my weretiger novel I just finished, Forest of Thorns and Claws. I should hopefully finish that this week, and by the end of next week I expect to have it submitted to my editor. Meanwhile, I just received the line edits for Murder First Seen (The Oddities Book One) so I’m making my way through that as well. I’m more than halfway through writing the second Oddities book, which is why I’m trying to look forward and figure out how I’m going to finish Derwin and Elliot’s plot and romance arcs by the end of Book 3, and where I’ll need to be at that point for the world’s story arc. (Which brings me to the pairing who will carry books 4 through 6. But I’ll talk about that later. It’s pretty neat stuff.)

So anyways, here’s the latest on my current WIPS, as of today:

1. Forest of Thorns and Claws (weretiger M/M), Finished at 62,857 words, four more chapters left to edit.

2. Fraud Twice Felt (The Oddities Book 2, paranormal M/M suspense), now at 50,475 words, estimated to be about 90k. Due to publisher by October 1.

3. Fae Fortunes (YA M/M paranormal), currently at 39,507 words, estimated 65k.

4. Deena and the Professor (Trudy Judd, BDSM romance), Six out of 10 parts written, first 5 parts published, currently at 826 words on Part 7 (estimated to be 8k).

5. Fantasy novel currently at 79,747 words, total will be 110k. Right now this one is the lowest of my priorities.


2 thoughts on “A bit late–March WIP wrapup

  1. ameliabishop says:

    Wow, JT your productivity is fantastic! And I love the title “murder first seen”!! Great 🙂
    I’m so happy to hear of all your works in progress. Can’t wait to finally read the completed weretiger story, too! You are inspiring.

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