Dreams and New Characters

I’ve been having some strange dreams lately. One of them, I can’t really explain–I had a dream about trying to pull an octopus out of a bucket to return into a tank. It kept grasping hold of my arms with its suckers. The next morning my partner was watching a documentary about giant squid. Then a friend of mine posted something about squid later the same day.

I had calamari last night. Still not sure why all the tentacles are coming up right now.

The other dream is one that is pretty typical for me when I’m “giving birth” to new characters. I was in a pool, and I had to rescue a baby who had fallen in, to rescue him or her (didn’t remember the gender) from drowning. I often dream of babies when I’m having a creative surge on a new project.

I’m really excited. During this week, I wrote up two new character profiles–the men who will be the main characters for Books 4 to 6 in my paranormal mmromance series, The Oddities. I’m still writing Book 2, but I realized that I needed to look ahead to figure out the world story plot arc, and know where and how to introduce the characters that will carry later books. I’m particularly excited by the possibilities that Calvin brings to the series. Yeah, it’s gonna get dark!

So let me introduce you to a new pair of protagonists: Stefan Morales and Calvin Norbright.

stefan morales shutterstock

Stefan Morales is a good friend of Elliot Leed (from Books 1 to 3 of the Oddities series). Like Elliot, he comes from living off the streets and a background as a rentboy.  He’s retired from that gig, currently working as a stripper and exotic dancer instead. He rides a motorcycle and acts like a bad boy, rebelling against the mainstream.

There’s a lot more than that to him, however. Born to another prostitute, Rosa Morales, Stefan grew up mostly on his own, watching his mother succumb to alcoholism. He was pulled into the foster care system, and bounced in and out, on the constant quest to find his dad and then himself. That’s how he met Theresa and followed his mother’s path, selling himself to survive. He tasted the worst kind of betrayal when he found his mother again, only to have her reject him.

But that’s behind him. At 24, Stefan is proud to say that he’s made it on his own; he has his motorcycle, his own apartment, and a job, even if it is stripping. He no longer worries about his past; now he’s looking to the future, and someone to share it with. As a whore he was indiscriminate, but he knows for relationships, he’d prefer a man. He just has to let his walls down.

That’s going to be a lot tougher than he thinks.




Calvin Norbright, on the other hand, is a nerd, firmly caught in the snare of the totalitarian government. To most, he seems like a really sweet guy, and for the most part, he is. He’s got a soft heart, and he really wants to help people and make the world a better place.

Unfortunately, his Oddity doesn’t let him. Calvin is a unique, never before encountered Oddity, with ties to the Underworld and demons that his government captors are trying to figure out. Whenever Calvin ventures near demons, something dark takes over him. He scents and tracks them, kills them, and then drinks the demon blood. The first time this happened he was nine years old. After finding him covered in demon entrails, his parents promptly turned him over to the authorities.

After such feeding frenzies, he has amazing telekinetic abilities. Now at age 23, he’s been used to demolish old buildings, incite fires in demon-held properties, and even bring down dragons in the wilderness. He’s also been used to take out rebel human infractions against the government. Including women and children.

Calvin hates this existence. He wants some kind of control of his cursed Oddity, and freedom from the abusive government. Most of all, he wants to find peace, and love.



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