Release! Part Six of Deena’s tale.

Today is the release day for Part Six of the BDSM erotic romance, Deena and the Professor, “Female Inversion.” This part delves into Deena’s curiosity about women, while also furthering the connection she feels between herself and her psychology professor, Alex Sturm. For a limited time, get it for only 99 cents on Amazon!  Also a Kindle Unlimited title. (Note: there was a pricing error on Amazon. Check back later today, and this should be resolved.)

Amazon link:

Deena Six v1 400 x 600


On her first day of college, Deena met the man of her dreams—her Psychology professor! He took control of her fantasies, showed her how to SUBMIT, captured her first experiences and made a contract with her to teach her all the ways of PAIN AND PLEASURE.

Deena’s nervous; she wants to explore more, but she also wants to keep Professor Sturm for herself. This time he’s bringing another partner into the bedroom, a woman, so that Deena can have her first lesbian experience. But the woman is also the professor’s ex-wife, Stacy. What if Stacy tried to get her man back? Or will a night with Stacy be so amazing, that Deena changes her mind?

It’s a lot for someone so INEXPERIENCED to consider.


As she spoke, Deena let herself look more closely at Stacy, at her face, her dark brown eyes, her lips. Her long, delicious throat. Stacy was very striking. “I did have a crush or two on girls at school. This one girl in my home economics class, for example. She was part of the popular crowd, and she had this gorgeous red chestnut hair. I wanted to run my fingers through her hair and bury my face against her shoulder.” Deena blushed, feeling silly.

“You look embarrassed. Why would you ever be embarrassed about that? She sounds lovely,” Stacy said, rubbing her fingers a little against her crotch. Deena couldn’t help but notice that her fingernails were long and manicured, with red nail polish. She shivered, imagining those hands, those fingers touching her.

Deena tucked a stray hair behind her ear, nervously. She glanced at the other wine glass on the table, but suddenly she didn’t want it. She didn’t want anything that might dull her senses. “I guess everyone I knew kept telling me how wrong it was, for a woman to be attracted to another woman. I still like guys.” She laughed. “A lot. But I always wondered what it would be like to kiss another woman. And to kiss… you know. Other things.” She licked her lips. “I’ve tasted myself. I think I taste pretty good.”

Stacy laughed. “I bet you do. What about a woman’s body? How do I look to you, for example?” She set down her glass then reached out, taking Deena’s hands, and placing them on her hips. Deena sucked in a breath, her pussy coming to attention. The fabric was just as soft as it looked, and what was more, she could feel Stacy’s form through the clothing, making her imagine what Stacy might look like without anything on. It was an enticing thought.

She stammered out what she hoped was a good answer. “I think women are beautiful. I mean I don’t get why all women don’t want to have sex with each other. I especially like your, um,” Her hand moved slightly, brushing up against Stacy’s breast before settling on her hip again. “Your bosom.” Her face heated up.

Stacy grinned, and she cupped her breasts, lifting them. “You mean these? Would you like to see them? She reached up to unbutton the first button of her shirt, revealing creamy white skin.

Immediately, Deena wanted to lick the skin there, to kiss Stacy’s neck. Her mouth watered, and she nodded. “Yes, please.” She allowed herself to pull Stacy’s silk shirt out from her skirt, dipping her fingers under the fabric to feel the woman’s skin. She knew Stacy was older, probably about the same age as the professor. More than ten years older than her.

Deena didn’t want it any other way.

“That’s right, dear. I think we need to lose a bit of clothing here.” Stacy looked across the living room to the professor. “Are we still good here? Or do you think we should move this upstairs?”

The professor pursed his lips, looking them over. “Let’s start here. We can move upstairs at any time. But I think the two of you are comfortable, and so am I.” He adjusted his trousers. “And I trust that the two of you are fine if I indulge myself while you are having your fun.”

Deena clearly saw the line of his cock through his trousers. That only sent the entire scenario into an even higher level of intensity. She swallowed, imagining him watching them. “So you’re not going to…participate?” She did love his cock. But today she wanted to focus more on the woman beside her.

He smiled. “We’ll see. This is Stacy and your evening. I am only an observer.”

Stacy nodded, unbuttoning her shirt slowly. Deena couldn’t help but track the movement with her eyes, as more and more skin was revealed. “Sounds good. I think I’m fine with the sofa for now. Leather has such a sensual feel to it.” She opened the last button, revealing a lacy demi-cup that barely contained her breasts, so perfect and round. Glancing at Deena, Stacy continued. “Would you help me with the rest?”

Would she ever! “Yes, Ma’am,” Deena said, trying to remember if Stacy liked that term or not. It just seemed right. She eased the silky fabric off Stacy’s shoulders, and set the shirt over the arm of the sofa. Unable to stop herself, she rubbed the top of Stacy’s breasts with her thumbs, just enjoying the sight of them half covered.

Stacy’s lids fell half closed. “Mm. Don’t stop. I’m just going to lie back here and let you explore.”

Deena’s hands trembled. She hardly knew what she wanted to do first! It seemed like moving down layer by layer was best, so she trailed her hands down to the clasp of Stacy’s skirt. It was in the back, which meant she basically had to hug the woman to undo it, placing her face right at breast level. She couldn’t help herself, Sighing, she rubbed her face in the crevice between the firm mounds, smelling lavender and baby powder. So different from the Professor’s smell, and yet so wonderful at the same time.

It seemed rude to linger there, so Deena backed off. Should she pull Stacy’s skirt down? Or was it better to let the woman ease it down herself? “I don’t know what I’m doing,” Deena said to cover her nervousness.

“You’re doing just fine, dear,” Stacy said in a low, smooth voice. Her hand settled on Deena’s shoulder, steadying her. “I like watching you explore. If you want to touch… kiss… whatever. Do what feels right to you. I’ll let you know if I want you to do something different.”

That helped, knowing Stacy would tell her. It was like having safety wheels on a bike. Deena took a slow breath, and reached to hook her fingers into the waist of Stacy’s skirt. She pulled it down, revealing black lacy underwear, and gorgeous creamy thighs. A wave of want swept through her. “You’re beautiful,” Deena said.

Stacy smiled, bringing her hand up to cup Deena’s cheek. “So are you, darling. I especially love that I’m your first woman.” She released Deena, resting her hand on the sofa. “Do you need me to lift my hips?”

Deena’s head was swimming. Was she really doing this? “Not yet,” she found herself replying, because as tempting as that thought was, she wanted to do other things before diving right in… so to speak. “I want to kiss you. May I?”


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