The Tour continues–check out the latest blog stops for Fraud Twice Felt

It’s Wednesday, and I’ve got more links to share from the blog tour for my gay paranormal romantic suspense novel, Fraud Twice Felt (Book 2 of the Oddities Series). Again, remember to comment on any of the blog tour stops for a chance to win a $20 Riptide gift card and a free ebook of mine!

Tuesday’s stops:

May 30:

LoveBytes Reviews: Love Letters Between the Characters (Guest Post)

Unquietly Me (Excerpt)

On Top Down Under

MMGoodBookReviews: 5 Fun Facts about the book (Guest Post)

May 31:

The Novel Approach Reviews: The Making of a Great Villain (Guest Post)

Erotica For All

The Day Before You Came


Enjoy all the extras, and I hope you enjoy the book! Also, TODAY is the LAST day that you can buy Book 1 of the Oddities series, Murder Once Seen for ONLY 99 CENTS!  Get it on Riptide.



The Foreman and The New Hire now available everywhere!

Just a quick announcement, that you can now get the short story serials, “The Foreman” and “The New Hire” at places like Barnes and Noble, AllRomanceEbooks, Kobo, iBooks, Google, and more!

Back Camera

Back Camera

Barnes and Noble: The Foreman (Part 1 Hard Hat series) , The New Hire (Part 2 Hard Hat series)

IBooks:   The Foreman,     The New Hire

Google: The Foreman,    The New Hire

New Review by “The Novel Approach”!

Well this was a nice surprise! I received a new review for the M/M short story “The New Hire” (Part two of the Hard Hat series) today from The Novel Approach! Check it out.

Other than that, I’m being quiet this week, focusing on writing as I wait for word on my resubmission. I’ll probably put up a progress report next week. Maybe I’ll put up a scene or two from my weretiger WIP that I hope to have ready for publication in December.

Lol, I also have plenty of DRitC books to read to keep me busy. And my own, “Vice and Exploitation,” is still #1 in Multiple Partners on, and #19 in free Gay Fiction on Amazon. Thanks for all the lovely reviews!

Wow, still climbing the charts!

So I’ve been busy over the past week working on the revision of a novel, preparing it for resubmission. In the mean time, my lighthearted M/M/M novella, Vice and Exploitation, has been garnering lots of good reviews and has been rising in the charts on All Romance Ebooks. It’s now #2 for Romance with Multiple Partners!

In addition, you can now download the novella for free on Amazon:

Thank you to everyone who has left reviews and ratings. I’ve been getting lots of feedback asking for longer works. Just know that my first book WILL come out next year, one way or another. I’ve also got two more that are about halfway done, one of which I’m hoping to have ready to publish by Christmas, the m/m weretiger set in Indonesia.

Once I get these novels done I’ll get to working on the next Oddities book, and then I’ll also be able to consider expanding something like Friday at the 7-Eleven or Vice and Exploitation into longer stories.

Vicecover1 300fridayatthe7-eleven185

Now available for pre-order: Juliet’s Orders!

It’s coming! I had one person describe Juliet’s Orders as “A BDSM chick-lit,” which actually is a perfect description. Snarky, fun, with lots of sexiness and just a bit of romance, I wrote Juliet’s Orders to be just an enjoyable read. Juliet and Russell are both in their second year of college, and sparks begin to fly when they get together. Russell just wants a date, and he won’t take no for an answer. Meanwhile, he has no idea he’s playing with fire.

Check it out!



juliets orders 250

Finished! Now need beta readers

And it’s done!!  I posted a preview to this a week or two ago, but I can happily say that the novella Juliet’s Orders is now complete, and its publication date has been set:  December 9th. I’ll post another snippet below.

I still need beta readers, for anyone interested!


Brainy but beautiful Juliet has an annoying problem–her college classmate Russell keeps bugging her for a date. He’s brash and arrogant, and he has absolutely no idea that he’s playing with fire. For Juliet has a secret. She likes to spank and discipline men in her spare time.

When he makes a bet that she can’t dress and act sexy for a day, she takes him up on it, with the threat that if she wins the bet, he gets to be her slave for an evening.

Let the games begin.

juliets orders 400



By lunch time, Juliet was ready to string Russell up by his balls. She wished she had a recorder for all the one-liners thrown in her direction, everything from “Can you bend over and pick that up for me?” to “I wanna be your daddy and you can be my little girl.” She’d explained to all her friends and even several non-friends that it was all for a bet. Still, it didn’t stop the comments, and it certainly didn’t stop the looks.

And now she had to turn it up a notch and make sexual noises.

True to his word, Russell was waiting for her in the cafeteria when lunch time came around. Juliet ignored him and ordered herself hot dog and fries, and a decadent slice of lemon merengue pie. She threw him a look as she strode over to his table and sat down across from him.

He looked her over and sighed happily. “I love my life. So how’s your day been?”

Was it her imagination, or had he combed his hair since their parting after first period? She pulled the hot dog out of the bun and ate the bun by itself. “Wonderful. It’s probably going to take me months for anyone to take me seriously here again. Maybe even years.” Her deadpan tone matched the look she gave him as she took a sip of soda.

For a second he looked concerned. Then he laughed and waved a hand at her. “They’ll forget it in a week. I mean okay you may get more offers for dates. But I’m sure once they see your librarian look again, they’ll just think of you as the book nerd.”

She popped a few fries into her mouth. “Okay. So I’ll have you wear a skirt tomorrow. People will forget it in a week.”

That shut him up. He glared at her but said nothing. Juliet grinned, and then picked up her hot dog. Keeping her eyes on him, she ran the tip of her tongue around the top of it. Ire was quickly replaced by shock and then lust. “So are you ready for my performance?” This was actually rather fun. It might even make up for the dirty comments from people.

“Um…yum,” Russell choked, reaching for his soda.

Juliet took that as a yes. She sucked half the hot dog into her mouth. Then bit it off, chewing noisily. Russell winced and turned a little green and she had to swallow quickly to avoid laughing at him. Yeah this was getting fun now. She popped the other half into her mouth, ate it, and then made a little forkful of the lemon merengue pie. “Ohhhh God. I love pie.” She groaned loudly, taking the bite and licking it off the fork. She kept her eyes on Russell the whole time. It wasn’t so bad if she didn’t have to look at who else was watching them.

Russell took a long drink, his eyes locked on hers. The table blocked her view, but Juliet was willing to bet he was starting to get a boner. She took another bite. “Yes! Ohmygod so good…” She moaned louder, and this time she heard a wolf whistle from somewhere across the room.

She refused to look and see if it was anyone she knew.

Russell cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his neck. Juliet through she detected the hint of a blush, which pleased her. “You had to sit next to me for this, didn’t you. Rubbing my face in it?”

She gave him an innocent look, sucking at her fingers. “I thought you’d want a front row seat. This was your idea, after all.” She threw back her head and gave three shouts, as if he’d hit a particularly good spot. The spots of color on his cheeks darkened, and she imagined what he’d look like kneeling naked before her. “How are you liking it?”

He looked at her helplessly. “Um, dying a little? Both good and bad, I’d say.” He shifted in his seat, confirming her suspicions that he was getting hard.

She grinned evilly at him. “You like this. It embarrasses you, but you like it. Want me to keep going, or have I won the bet?” She braced her hands on the table as if ready to give off more shouts.


Halloween flash fiction event this week!


It’s the week of Halloween, and the House of Manlove M/M writers group is celebrating with a blog tour of flash fiction! Each day we’re presenting new fun things for readers.

Today you can catch Alexis Duran and Evelise Archer.

Don’t forget to see what Amelia Bishop, N.D. Wilder, Dakota Trace and Jena Wade have already posted!!

Here’s the full schedule:

October 26:  Jenna and Dakota

October 27:  ND Wilder and Amelia

October 28 Alexis and Evelise

October 29: Kimber and Jennah

October 30: JT Hall and Chris

October 31: Kate W., Skye, and Heloise (Jan)