New Release! Deena Part Eight

It’s FINALLY here!  Today is the release day for the eighth part in the BDSM serial romance, Deena and the Professor, The Act of Splashing. The series follows the sexual adventures of college student Deena Hancock under the tutelage of her gorgeous Psychology professor, Alex Sturm. She’s down to the last two fantasies on her list:  bukkake and gangbang. And the invitations for Alex’s friends have gone out.

Just one problem–Deena doesn’t merely want to be Professor Sturm’s sex student. With such a firm but fair Master, it’s easy to see why she’s fallen in love with him. The question is, can she convince him to keep her as his submissive . . . permanently?

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PART EIGHT: The Act of Splashing

How many loads can Deena swallow in a night? She really wants to know.

It’s almost the end of classes, and Deena knows she has to act fast to convince her Psychology professor, Alex Sturm, that she’s the girl for him. He’s been marking off each item on her list of SEXUAL FANTASIES, teaching her how to SUBMIT, and showing her what it might be like to serve him as his girl. But he keeps insisting that he’s only introducing her to her own sexuality. Once her list is done, she fears he’ll walk away.

The last two items on her list are the hottest, and Professor Sturm has promised Deena they’ll both take place over the course of a weekend, when he’ll invite several of his friends over to his luxurious house.

The first fantasy? Deena craves to know what it would be like to be BATHED IN HOT LOVE JUICES as she orally services each man. But how can she indulge in all her slutty desires and still follow her heart? She just has to find a way to show the professor that all this isn’t just sex. She wants to be his girl forever.

(Part Eight of a ten part series; each part will be published monthly. Parts One through Five have been bundled, and then Parts Six through Ten will be bundled as well. Notice for BDSM, oral, and multiple partners.)



Almost reverently, he ran his finger along the leather of the leash. Then he took it out, letting the box drop to the floor. He brought the gift up to his nose and took a deep breath. There was something in his eyes she’d never seen before. Something hungry.

“Deena…” he breathed. The smile he gave her was pure joy.

She’d started to worry when he’d gotten so serious all of a sudden. Swallowing, she rubbed her hands on her thighs, still kneeling for him. Her muscles had started to burn. “Do you like it?” Had she gone too far? Was this like buying the guy an engagement ring?

He stared at her throat, caressing the leash. “You don’t have anything to attach this to.”

Her cheeks grew hotter. Deena looked down, too nervous to see the expression in her professor’s face. “No, Sir.” She wanted to ask him the question, about whether he’d consider keeping her on as his submissive, or a part time play thing, or whatever. But she couldn’t make the words come. Staring at the floor, she waited, her heart pounding.

The silence stretched between them. Maybe I shouldn’t have given him that. Maybe I should have picked something having to do with sex rather than submission. A vibrator, maybe? But he already has lots of those. He had another leash too. But she’d wanted to give him a hint.

Deena opened her mouth to apologize. The professor cupped her chin and gently lifted her face. His eyes looked bright…even moist.

He smiled. “It’s a lovely gift. Let me grab one of my play collars for you to wear tonight. Seeing you collared and leashed with bring me even greater pleasure than simply having you naked.”

That was good, right? And yet it wasn’t a declaration of love. It also wasn’t a promise or even a hint that there would be anything between them after this evening. Deena swallowed hard, nodding. At least I’ll get to wear his collar one last time. Her heart ached at the thought of having to leave. Of not seeing Alex Sturm like this again.

The professor left again, and Deena’s heart thudded in anticipation as he went upstairs, and then returned, collar in hand. It was the same one she had worn when he took her to the BDSM club, a simple leather collar with a D ring. He bent to slip it on her, his fingers trailing over her throat. Deena shivered in delight as he buckled it. It was snug enough that she could feel it with every swallow, but not so tight that it would interfere with anything.

Once that was done, he clipped the leash to the collar, and gave a light tug on it. “Come into the living room. My guests should be arriving soon.” He walked, and Deena crawled, wincing at the hard tile floor of the foyer on her knees, even if she was wearing leggings. Once they reached the plush carpet of the living room it was better. He led her to a spot next to his recliner, then released hold of the leash. “This is where I want you. Go ahead and use the bathroom, and undress, but hurry. I want you back here and kneeling when the doorbell starts ringing.”

Deena hurried to do so, and returned to her spot just before the doorbell rang again. In one way it was even more frightening, kneeling naked as she waited for the professor to greet one of his male friends, wondering what the guy would think of seeing her like this. Yet on the other hand she felt safer now, more comfortable. With the collar and the leash, it was clear that she belonged to Professor Sturm, at least at the moment. She wouldn’t be required to make silly chit chat and have to pretend that she was a normal girl.

I’m Sir’s slut. And that’s just what I want to be.

From the foyer, Sir invited someone named Marcus inside, and they joked about playing tennis together. I didn’t even know that he played tennis. Marcus had a deep voice, and when they entered the room, a little thrill went through Deena. Apparently Marcus was tall, muscular, and black.

The professor seems to know a diverse crowd. As Marcus’s eyes fell on her, Deena couldn’t help smiling. And blushing. He was handsome, and the sheer size of him was making her pussy wet. Is he big like that all over?

He smiled back, then turned to the professor. “She’s gorgeous. And young. Are you sure she’s up for everything you have planned?” Facing Deena, he said, “Hi. I’m Marcus Waters.”

Professor Sturm crossed to sit in his recliner next to Deena, leaving Marcus to make his way to the sofa. “Oh she’s ready. Aren’t you, Deena? Marcus is a physical trainer now, but he used to play football.”

Deena swallowed. That made sense. “Yes, Sir. I’m ready. Nice to meet you, Marcus.” Questions burned in her mind—was Marcus also a member of the professor’s BDSM club? Was he dominant? Or was he more like Stephen and simply into group sex?

Before Marcus could say anything, the doorbell rang again. Professor Sturm chuckled and stood. “I might as way stay up until everyone has arrived.” With that, he went to answer the door.

Marcus chuckled as well. “Do you know how many are coming?” His question was directed at Deena.

She shrugged, and then gave in to her curiosity. “Have you done…something like this before? With several guys and a girl?” Her face heated up.

He looked like he was trying not to smile, but he was failing miserably. “Yes, I have. Although not one as young-looking and pretty as you.” His gaze strayed to her breasts before returning to Deena’s face. “You mind telling me how old you are? Should I even ask?”

That got a laugh out of her. “Sure you can. I’m eighteen.”

The professor returned to the living room with a familiar face—at the sight of Stephen Kelani, Deena clapped her hands in excitement. Stephen had said he wanted to participate this weekend, and she’d hoped he’d be able to make it. He’d bring a fun, light-hearted side to things. Plus, he has a gorgeous dick.

“Hey Deena. Looking stunning as usual, I see. Hey Marcus! How’s it going?” Stephen walked over and gave Marcus a one-armed hug, then sat down next to him

Marcus glanced at Deena and then at Stephen. “You know her already? I think I’m jealous.”

“Now, now,” the professor admonished, and then the doorbell rang again. Laughing softly, he departed.

Deena’s stomach fluttered with excitement as she watched him leave. How many of them will there be? How many cocks? Cocks to suck, and cocks to fuck her. Heat filled her, making her pussy wet. Aching.



Shh! New serial first part now on pre-order…

Shhh… yes, it’s coming out now. My alter-ego (Trudy Judd) has the first part of her ten part serial up for pre-order on Amazon, Smashwords and ARE. If you’re one of my MMromance fans, this isn’t that. This is a M/f BDSM erotic romance that skirts the line between erotica and romance. Yes, there will be a happy ever after by the end, but there’s a long sexual journey to get there. Deena Hancock just started college, and she’s desperate to leave behind her nice girl past and delve into her naughtiest fantasies. When her Psych professor, a handsome fellow in his thirties with a slight European accent, catches her playing with a paddle in class, Deena decides he’d be the perfect fit. If only she can convince him!

Along her journey, Professor Alex Sturm will introduce Deena to things like spanking, vanilla sex (her first time), anal play, bondage and sensation play, punishment and caning, her first lesbian experience, finally moving into her ultimate fantasy of being gangbanged by several men at once.

Each month a new episode will come out, and then they’ll be bundled–the first five episodes, and then the latter five episodes. This serial runs pretty traditionally into the male dominant/female submissive Master/slave dynamic.


Amazon page:


Smashwords page:

Deena one v4 200 x 300

Monthly WIP Writing Update

This month is crazy, and as far as my writing is concerned, there’s not much happening. I’ve been acting as project manager at work and supervising temp workers, and at home there’s been drama, so I’ve been having to fight for every free moment to write. Nevertheless, I’m continuing to make progress!  My goal is to have “Forest of Thorns and Claws,” my MM Weretiger novel, out by Christmas. I’m also still waiting on word from a publisher on the first book of the Oddities series as I work on the second book. I’m hoping to hear within the next few weeks!

Also, I’ve got a little poll for everyone. I’ve been working on a serial, M/F alpha male, submissive female BDSM romance. Since I’m starting to focus more on my LGBT titles under this name, I’m debating whether to publish this serial under this name or another name. What do you guys think? Do you care if some of my books aren’t LGBT? Do those of you who read MMromance read any hetero erotic romances?  I’d appreciate some feedback before I make my decision. The serial is just about halfway done.


… and apparently WordPress’s Poll function no longer works. So please comment below!

Works in progress:

  1. “Forest of Thorns and Claws,” (MM Weretiger), currently 39,323 words, estimated length 50,000.
  2. “Flotsam and Jetsam,” (MM YA Paranormal), currently 33,586, estimated length 65,000.
  3. “Vice and Exploitation,” (Book 2 of the Oddities series, MM Paranormal Mystery/Suspense), currently 17,034 words, estimated length 90,000.

and also:

  1. “Deena and the Professor,” (M/F BDSM serial), currently 2.25 out of 5 episodes done, estimated total length 80,000 words.
  2. Fantasy novel (other pen name), currently 73,788 words, estimated length 115,000.


Release Day! The New Hire, a short M/M erotic

Back Camera

Back Camera

Today’s the day!  Grab your copy of The New Hire, the second tale in The Hard Hat Series.


Gary’s got a problem with his new hire, Tim. He’s allowed the young, attractive guy to get under his skin, and now he finds that he wants more than just a casual fling. After an incredible night, all he can think of is having more of that innocent flesh, delving deeper into Tim’s submissive tendencies. But first they have to make it through the work day. A construction site is no place for a gay love affair.

Love hasn’t been kind to Gary, who prides himself on being a gruff bear, always in charge, always on his own. As he starts to train young Tim as his sub, however, Gary must decide whether to keep it just sex, or actually allow himself to feel something more.

Warnings for BDSM, submission and domination, clamps, spanking, anal play and orgasm control.


Gary looked at Tim’s ass as the young man bent over to pick up his putty knife, then swore as he stubbed his toe on a board. They were applying the mud to the drywall today, and Tim’s jeans were speckled and smeared with plaster. On his ass was a perfect handprint in white against the blue fabric.

Gary’s cock stiffened, and he clenched his fist. He’d made the rules to stay casual and not to behave any differently towards the man than before they’d slept together. So why the fuck did he want to chuck out his rules?

Tim had gotten under his skin.

It was supposed to be simple. Gary told Tim not to expect anything, especially not any kind of lovey-dovey relationship. Gary didn’t do relationships, not since the fiasco with an ex-Army psychopath who still called though Gary never answered or called him back. That had been one helluva mistake. Gary especially was not interested in starting a relationship with a guy who was barely twenty-one and who planned to head off to college. Even if that twenty-one year old had the sweetest looking body or soulful brown eyes like a puppy dog.

He didn’t need a fucking puppy dog.

“Tim!” Gary yelled, just to release some of the anger and tension.

Tim straightened and turned around immediately, his eyes wide and surprised. “Sir?”

He shouldn’t take it out on Tim. Then again, the young man appeared to enjoy it. “Be more careful with the plaster. It goes on the drywall, not on you. You like being a pig?” The last was totally unnecessary, but all Gary could think of was Tim on his hands and knees on the carpet, Gary’s dick deep in his ass.


Juliet’s Orders on Sale, Feb. 23-25

Okay, after the fiasco of last time, I lowered the price ahead of schedule this time. So today through Wednesday, you can grab the BDSM chick lit, “Juliet’s Orders” for only 99 cents on Amazon!

juliets orders 250


A BDSM Chick-Lit!

Brainy but beautiful Juliet has an annoying problem–her college classmate Russell keeps bugging her for a date. He’s a jock, brash and arrogant, and he has absolutely no idea that he’s playing with fire. For Juliet has a secret. At school, she may be the class nerd. But by night, she likes to spank and discipline men.

Russell makes a bet that she can’t dress up in a sexy schoolgirl outfit and pretend to have an orgasm at lunch. Juliet takes him up on it, with the threat that if she wins the bet, he gets to be her slave for an evening. That means he’ll have to wear what she says, and be respectful and submit. Most of all, it means taking Juliet’s orders, whatever they may be.

Let the games begin.

Preview and excerpt: Juliet’s Orders

Okay I may be jumping the gun here, and maybe I should be doing a more official cover reveal. But I’m almost done writing this and I would really like to share. Coming in December, a “His/Her” erotic tale of BDSM, slave training and spanking.  There’s some humor and snark in the story, sort of an erotic take on “Ten Things I Hate About You.”

By the way, I’m looking for beta readers. If interested, please comment below or email me at jthall @



Brainy but beautiful Juliet has an annoying problem–her college classmate Russell keeps bugging her for a date. He’s brash and arrogant, and he has absolutely no idea that he’s playing with fire. For Juliet has a secret. She likes to spank and discipline men in her spare time.

When he makes a bet that she can’t dress and act sexy for a day, she takes him up on it, with the threat that if she wins the bet, he gets to be her slave for an evening.

Let the games begin.


juliets orders 250



Jerk Boy was at it again.

Juliet sat at a back table in the library, her dark brown hair tied back in a simple pony tail to keep it out of her face as she poured over the Calculus textbook. She heard him even though he was two rows over. He was that loud.

Pushing her glasses at the bridge of her nose, she sighed and glanced up.

“So you two coming to the Delta Phi party after tomorrow’s game? They’re supposed to have a live band. Gonna be sweet.” Russell McCormick’s brash voice carried all the way from the computers area to Juliet’s back corner. She scowled, hunching down in her chair and raised up her book to shield herself. If he walked over and asked her out one more time, she was going to scream. Jerks were not her type. Of course he had no idea what her type was. She smiled grimly to herself.

Her type was a sweet submissive slave. Which Russell most definitely was not.

She heard his voice grow louder and groaned, marking her place in the book and setting it down. If the last few weeks were anything to go by, he’d be headed to her corner to bug her again. Four times now, he’d asked her out, and she’d declined every time. Stupid guy never got a clue.

He peeked around a shelf laden with books, sandy brown hair falling into his eyes, a big grin on his face. It just wasn’t right that someone that obnoxious should be that cute. “Rockin’ the whole librarian look, there, Juliet!”

She put on her best icy glare. “Rockin’ the Dumb and Dumber look there, Jerk Boy.”

He winced, but the grin came right back, like a bad stain. “Good one! But seriously. The glasses and the ponytail and the sweats thing isn’t really working for you. Are you trying to be a nerd?”

Juliet resisted the urge to snap her pencil in half. “Better a nerd than a dumb ass. I plan on getting an A in this class. A future in fast food isn’t really my thing.” Even though her ire was rising, she couldn’t resist letting her gaze wander over his physique. Russell played soccer and tennis, and he had the suntan and the gorgeous legs to prove it. The cocky attitude as well, which was the problem. If he could just lose that, he’d have a chance with her.

He placed a hand on his heart. “Ouch! Okay, point taken. But look at you. There’s more to life than studying. Be free! Escape this dull existence! Come with me to coffee. And then maybe to a party tomorrow night.” Russell fell dramatically to one knee, and Juliet’s face heated up. She fought the urge to glance around and see how many people were staring at them.

The knee thing was nice. She could imagine him on both knees, and asking her with a lot more humility. But this at least earned him some pursed lips and a consideration. “Why would I want to go with you? What could you possibly give me other than a headache?”

Russell rose to his feet. “Fun! You’ve heard of that thing, right? I mean studying’s cool and everything. But don’t you want to have a little enjoyment in life? Walk on the wild side?”

Juliet narrowed her eyes at him. This was becoming tedious. “I’d rather graduate, thank you. That’s the whole reason I’m here. Not parties and dates.” And especially not with obnoxious brats who had no idea what she was really into.

“You’re young. Enjoy life a little. Graduation will come, trust me, and then you’ll be working a dull job in the real world.” Russell blew out a breath, turning serious. “I bet you just can’t do it, can you?” He hooked his thumbs into his jeans, his shirt riding up a little to reveal a toned stomach. Juliet suddenly had a vision of red welts across that tan skin, and a flash of heat went through her.


Book Review: The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire


Book:  The Wild Side of Paddy McGuire

Author: Jack Brighton

Series: The Wild Side

Publisher:  Firm Hand Books

Genre: Gay Erotica  (no, not romance. Erotica.)

Heat level: Off the charts!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I was in the mood for something that wasn’t touchy feely but just plain dirty and hot. I found it. For anyone who reads gay or m/m romance, understand that this isn’t it. This is erotica for gay men written by a gay man. It’s raunchy, perverted, graphic, and disgusting. And it was hotter than hell. No men professing feelings for each other, but more fucking and come than you could pack in a whole box of porn. Welcome to the Wild Side.

What I particularly liked was there was a real story here as well. Paddy McGuire is a toppy top who needs several men a day to sate his lust and refuses to bottom for anyone. Gambling debts force him to become a slave trainee, and he undergoes a complete education both as a submissive and as a dominant. All the details about BDSM were really well done. And I’m picky since I’m in the lifestyle. Paddy not only gains an education, however. He also gains a new perspective and a transformation of his character. There actually is a romance here. But again, nobody says those three words, “I love you.”

Be prepared for some scenes that may stretch your boundaries. Water sports, felching, snowballing, it’s all here. Yes, there’s a touch of dubious consent as well. But really nothing that bad. Mostly it’s a lot of hot, hot sex.