The Third Oddities Book

So I’m writing, not as quickly as I’d like to be writing, but nevertheless making progress on my books in progress. I’m at the halfway point of the 3rd Oddities book now, and I have a few options in the coming chapters of the characters from previous books I could bring in.

I’m debating on who would be best to help Derwin and Elliot in their latest endeavor, and therefore, I’m putting up a poll for readers. Is there a particular character you’d like to see return in Book 3? This book will focus on that shadow organization mentioned in Book One, and the larger threat to Oddities in Nis.

I’d love to hear some feedback. Thanks! And yes, the picture is what I imagine Lacey to look like. I haven’t found pictures for the others yet.




Author of the Month

To celebrate the fact that I have not one but TWO books coming out this month, Riptide Publishing has made me their Author of the Month!

You can grab Book 1 of the Oddities series, Murder Once Seen for only 99 cents all month long at the link here.

Also check out the interview with me posted here.

Riptide has also just released an excerpt of the first few chapters of Forest of Thorns and Claws on the book’s page (look under the “Excerpts” tab).

And last, look for blog tours with special sneak peeks, special guest posts from me, and two separate giveaways.




New Titles for Pre-sale!

I know I’ve been quiet–current job and home needs have been keeping me away from the Internet most of the time. But I’ve got some exciting news. In May, Riptide will be publishing not one, but two of my full-length novels:  on May 14,  Forest of Thorns and Claws, a m/m weretiger stand-alone which is much more than a shifter romance, and then on May 29 the second book of the Oddities series, Fraud Twice Felt, will be released.

Both are now available at the Riptide Publishing at the following links:

Forest of Thorns and Claws

Fraud Twice Felt

Look for cover reveals for both of these books coming soon!

Also, I’m working on writing the blog posts for the promotional tours. I’ll go ahead and ask it here: is there anything you’d like to know about me or the books? (or the world of the Oddities series, etc.)

I’m still hard at work on final editing tasks and writing the 3rd Oddities book.

Review: Breeding Stations


Book: Breeding Stations

Series: Alliances

Author: Chris T. Kat

Genre: Gay Romance / Gay Science Fiction

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


I found this an enjoyable, action-packed story, with more danger and excitement than I expected (also less sex, but that was okay). I think the strongest aspects of the story was the world-building, with some gruesome and horrific beasts on the planet that Commander Berit and his team must explore, and in the development of the Nadisc, an alien race who seem to be drawn to human mates.

I wasn’t crazy about Berit’s character–he was so childish sometimes that I had a hard time believing he would ever have made it to commander. I liked all the Nadisc characters, however.

Good for some romping fun and also interesting sex-acts with prehensile tails.

My copies are here!

My author copies of Murder Once Seen just arrived, and they look fabulous! I’m very excited to be gearing up for this book’s release. Any bloggers who are interested in hosting a guest post or doing a read and review, please let me know and I’ll see if I can work you in with the blog tour schedule.


In other news, I also just received my developmental edits for the 2nd Oddities book. And I finished outlining the 3rd book, which I’ll start writing next month. My editor loved the plot twist and the action, and in particular how Elliot’s character develops in the second book. Lol on the other hand, Derwin continues to be a bit of an ass at times, and I have to go back and make him a bit less so in certain places.

Busy, busy!


Book Review: Dirty Deeds


Book: Dirty Deeds

Author: S. E. Jakes

Publisher: Riptide

Genre: M/M Suspense

Heat level: Hot!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I really like S.E. Jakes. Jakes writes manly men who would rather stick needles under their fingernails than talk about their feelings and who are truly fucked up individuals. The sex is rough and everyone’s in danger, often from each other (talk about friendly fire!).

This book follows up from the events in To Catch a Ghost which features Prophet, an agent working for a secretive, alternative company for espionage and investigations. In that book the reader is introduced to a side character, Cillian, known mostly through instant messaging. In this book, Cillian is front and center, but the real story is about Mal who has been trailing Cillian in the hunt for a good guy turned bad, John.

Mal is fascinating as a character. He’s disabled, for one, having lost his vocal chords when his throat was slashed by a would-be assassin. He doesn’t let that stop him from being chatty, however, using technology to impart most of his messages. There’s some pretty hot cybersex in the book, as well as plenty of goading and even a few secrets shared.

I think the only reason I don’t give this book five stars is that it ends abruptly, almost a cliffhanger. I hate cliffhangers. But I’m hooked, and I know I’ll be buying the next one.

Chapter hooks


Yesterday I ran into the end of a chapter rather unexpectedly.

I typically start with a very rough outline of chapters, just jotting down notes of what I see happening and whose point of view the chapter will be in. (I like to keep to one viewpoint per chapter when possible. Less confusing for the reader.)  Beyond outlining, I then like to visualize the action, just letting the characters act as their personalities dictate. I may run a scene in my head several times in different ways, inside different character’s heads, to find what I like best. Then I start writing it.

So yesterday’s chapter I had in my head going to a certain point in the action in one character’s point of view–Elliot’s. And then suddenly as I was writing, I wrote what would be a perfect break point for a chapter. Breaking there wouldn’t change what would happen next, but it would change whose point of view it was in.

So what do you do when this happens?

Listen to the muse. Your subconscious. Your instincts.

You want to listen to your inner voice, whatever you may call it. A good chapter hook closes a chapter but also pulls the ready to turn the page and keep reading the next chapter. This can be a cliffhanger, or it can just be an action, description, or dialogue that leaves the reader with a question that demands an answer. Actually a question isn’t a bad way to end a chapter. Or a revelation that opens up new possibilities.

There may also be the question of chapter length–what is too long or too short? The answer here is whatever length you need it to be, but be aware that longer chapters will feel longer to the reader (like long movies with long scenes you just wish would hurry up) while shorter chapters tend to move readers along. (Have you read Stephen King?  He’s a master of the one page chapter or sub-chapter.)

So length again may also determine where you break off things. I used to write longer chapters (in my other pen name) but I’m learning to cut some of the longer chapters in half, and I’m finding it makes it much more fast-paced.

In the end, though, you just want to leave them yearning for more.