Reviews Policy

I didn’t really set out for this to be a reviews blog, but it’s sort of become that with all the ff and mm fiction that I read. I’m not the fastest reader in the world because I’m usually reading several things at once. But I think I’m ready at this point to accept some requests for reviews.

My favorite genres are LGBT fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, mysteries, military, and thrillers. I’ve read a few cowboy stories too, though they’re not my favorite. I particularly like themes of hurt/comfort, size differences, and general fucked-upness. (Some of my favorite mm writers include S. E. Jakes, Adrienne Wilder, and Rhys Ford). I also like badass characters with emotional issues. Right now I’m particularly on the lookout for any good lesbian mysteries out there.

Please email me at jthall @ and include a link to the book with a short description. I always look at the sample on Amazon or whatever site it’s on. If it hooks me, I’ll accept.


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