Review: Chasing Death Metal Dreams

Book: Chasing Death Metal Dreams

Author: Kaje Harper

Publisher: MMRomance Group on

Genre: LGBT Romance (Trans, FTM/M)

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

(This book was written as part of the MMRomance Group on Goodread’s “Don’t Read in the Closet” event, 2015.  It’s offered for free and was based on a written prompt.)

I’ve read other work by Kaje Harper before (Life Lessons 1), but this was the first time I’ve read a romance between a gay biological man and a transgender man. I have friends in the LGBT community who are trans, and I’ve heard some stories about how they transitioned, so I found this a fascinating topic to discuss in a romance.

I think the Kaje nailed it–the death metal culture, the mixture of Latino and Mexican culture, and the experience of being a transitioned FTM (female to male). Kaje didn’t even shy back from the full description of sex, in all it’s awkwardness…and glory. This is a romance that stretches the reader’s understanding of what it means to be gay, and to be male.

I recommend this for readers of gay romance, LGBT romance in general, and particularly to those who love rock band romance.


Nominated for Best of the Week!

Hey, just wanted to shout in glee that I was included in Love Bytes Reviews poll for best reviews of the week!

Check it out, and hey, vote if you like. I’m pretty excited just to appear on the list.

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Hitting the charts on All Romance Ebooks! Vice and Exploitation

Vicecover1 300

Well this is exciting!  I’ve been watching my free M/M/M novella, “Vice and Exploitation” move up the charts over at Today the book is #6 in Multiple Partners  (hetero and LBGT), #47 in Gay Romance, and #55 in Free Romance (again, all romance, hetero and LGBT). The novella, a romantic BDSM suspense, has also maintained a solid rating over at Goodreads, which is always a nice thing as well.

By the way, here’s the link to the book on Amazon, where I still need help on getting them to make it free: .

I understand the book is now free on iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

(Oh that’s sneaky–if you search the book on Barnes and Noble, it only shows the 99 cent version, but then you have to click on “Other versions” to see the free one. Here’s the link to the free one. Curse you, BN! )

In other news, writing has been slow lately, thanks to a lot of high stress projects at work, high stress at home, and a very exciting call for a Revise and Resubmit on my MM paranormal novel, Murder One. I’m adding scenes and making even more tension in that book, and I’m really excited and hopeful that it will have an offer soon. Wish me luck!

Other projects I’ve been working on:


1. Flotsam and Jetsam, YA MM Paranormal: currently at 28,000 words, estimated to be about 60k, maybe more.

2. Forest of Claws and Thorns, MM Weretiger novel, currently 31,300 words, estimated about 50k.

3. Fraud and Extortion (Oddities #2), MM Paranormal, Mystery, currently about 6500 words, estimated length 90k.

Vice and Exploitation now on Amazon, AllRomance Ebooks, and more!

Vicecover1 300

The day is here!  You can now download my M/M/M novella written for the “Don’t Read in the Closet” event on Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords, and more!  It’ll probably still be a few days before it’s available on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or iBooks.

I’ll add links as they go live. Please note that this fiction is offered for free at most vendors, but Amazon requires notice from customers to match the free price. For now, I have it at the minimum amount allowed, 99 cents. I would appreciate fans emailing Amazon to let them know the book is available free on other sites.

Amazon:  Currently in review.

All Romance Ebooks:


iBooks: Currently in review.

Barnes and Noble: Currently in review.  (Also wouldn’t allow me to set it to free)


It’s Travis’s first professional modeling shoot–or so he thinks. So why is his photographer pulling out a badge and a gun, and why is the SWAT team storming the place? Travis thinks maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to reveal to the handsome guy that he’s always had this fantasy about being topped by two muscular guys.

Or maybe it was the best idea he’d ever had. Travis is about to find out what happens when two gay Vice cops with a secret love affair decide to add a third, to add to their BDSM play.


(Original prompt from Goodreads: )

Dear Author,

I never expected the cops to bust in on my photoshoot! How was I supposed to know that the modeling agency was just a front for prostitution? I’m not a hooker! You’d think the two Vice cops would have better things to do than to keep shooting me glances. What is with all the smirks? It’s not my fault they won’t let me get dressed! What am I going to do now? Why do I get the feeling I’m not ready for what I read in their eyes?

Back after a hiatus

I know I’ve been quiet for the last month or so, due to personal reasons. But I’m back!  And I have great news–the sequel to The Foreman is done, undergoing final edits, and will be published on May 20!  I’ll be doing a cover reveal later this week.

In addition, I’m looking forward to getting the cover reveal for my other upcoming release on June 3 from Torquere Press, “Friday at the 7-Eleven,” an M/M/M novella.

And  last, look for yet ANOTHER release coming up in June for the Goodreads MMRomance group’s “Don’t Read in the Closet” 2015 event, “Love is an Open Road. For that one it’s another M/M/M novella which will be available for FREE! I’m working on the cover and finishing the story this week, hopefully. I’m also looking for beta readers, if any are interested. (BDSM themes).

So yes, even though I’ve been quiet, I’ve been busy. Look for more updates soon!

Updates on projects

Full steam ahead!  Okay, today I finished two short stories, one for another pen name, and the other is the sequel to The Foreman. I’ll let that sit for the rest of the week, send it off to my writers critique group, beta it, and get it published. I’ve already made the cover, so I’ll be posting that next week. I’m debating when to publish it because of my upcoming surgery.  I may wait until I’m back to work, say around April 20th or so.

In other news, I sent off Murder One: Book One of the Oddities Series, my M/M paranormal suspense/mystery to Riptide. Eep!  My first novel submission!  Yeah the wait’s going to kill me. But I’d really like this book and the series to find a good home.

And last, I’ve been researching vice cops, prostitution rings, and Samoan names for my Don’t Read in the Closet novella, which must be written AND edited/beta’d by May 1st. That’s going to be a tight deadline, so I’ll be putting a few other things on hold until I crank out this baby. Then I can get back to working on the m/m weretiger novel and the YA paranormal, as well as the next book in the Oddities series.

So here’s the other cop in the DRinC novella. (Yes, he’s a well-known wrestler, but nevermind that. This is a character, no relation to the wrestler other than appearance.)

1st cop