Done!! Another book turned in.

At last!  Book Two of the Oddities Series, Fraud Twice Felt, is written, has undergone the initial edits, and is off to the publisher. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the first book, Murder Once Seen, which will be on December 12. I have no idea when the second book will come out, but I’m thinking maybe some time next summer, if edits go well.

Now that Book Two is out of the way, I’ll be working on the outline for the third book, A Conspiracy Uncovered. I created a document to organize all my notes about the minor characters in the series, the world, and plot notes. Book Three will delve more into the larger plot arc spanning the entire series, but I have to be careful not to give too much away too soon. That’s always the tricky thing with mysteries. I’m going to try and write this book as quickly as possible, because I ended Book Two with a lead-in. (Not exactly a cliffhanger, but definitely a hook.)

If I’m really inspired (and Halloween tends to be a very inspirational time for me), maybe I’ll write a Derwin/Elliot drabble to post here on my blog. I’m still really loving these boys. (For more about them, see my post about Uke/Seme). Elliot in particular has really come into his own in Book Two, and I’m excited about his journey for Book Three.

In October I’ll also be making some changes to the weretiger novel that I finished months back, after a request for some developmental edits.

It’s a touch early since I’ll still be making words today, but as of now, this is where the various WIPs stand:

Current WIPs:

(1. Fraud Twice Felt [The Oddities Book 2, paranormal M/M suspense], finished at 97,470 words, edited and turned in to publisher.)–done

2. Forest of Thorns and Claws (weretiger M/M). Received the notes back from the publisher, will work on developmental edits in October.

3. Fae Fortunes (YA M/M paranormal), currently at 46,852 words, estimated 65k.

4. Deena and the Professor (Trudy Judd, BDSM romance), Seven out of 10 parts written, first 7 parts published, currently at 4442 words on Part 8 (estimated to be 9k).

5. Fantasy novel currently at 82,821 words, total will be 110k. Right now this one is the lowest of my priorities.




Review: Loving Jay

Book: Loving Jay

Author: Renae Kaye

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Genre:  Contemporary M/M romance

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


I found this totally enjoyable, funny, and sweet. There’s a bit of sadness as well, but that only makes it a richer story. Jay’s a flamboyantly gay boy and Liam’s just an average Australian guy who just happens to be completely taken with Jay. I’m glad this didn’t turn out to be a “gay for you” but rather a discovery of identity for Liam, who has to deal with a father who can’t imagine any of his five sons being gay. Everything in this book was integrated together well: the romance, humor, and even some danger and a daring rescue.

I haven’t found too many Aussie writers in the M/M genre, so I find the voice and the location refreshing. All in all, this was an excellent debut book from a new M/M author.

Talkin’ Bears on L. Dean Pace-Frech’s blog

He actually posted this several days back, but I’ve been too busy to link it. As a final wrap up to my release of my bear/twink story, “The Foreman”, I guest posted on his blog and talked about the scarcity of good gay bear fiction in gay romance.

Back Camera

Also in celebration of this, I want to share a couple pictures of some bears in my life, who sponsored me into a wonderful volunteer organization. The Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have done incredible work for LGBT (etc) causes in Arizona, including raising money for organizations like AIDS Walk, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Logan’s Playground, One in Ten LGBT Youth Center, Don’t Be A Chump; Look for A Lump (breast cancer research), and more.

My “mother” and “grandmother”, Sister Jinger Breadmann and Sister Bearie D’licious.


(find out more here: ) (I’m Sister Amora Dat)

Review: Unseen Touch by Arvel Amaya


Title: Unseen Touch (Paranormal Crime Unit The Touch #1)

Author: Arvel Amaya

Publisher: Amaya Books

Genre: Gay (Romance, Suspense)

Because I’m starting to write a gay romantic suspense novel, I wanted to check out some books that are similar in terms of having the paranormal elements as well as gay romance and mysteries or suspense/thrillers. This book has quite a lot in common with the kind of world I’m creating (but with plenty of differences as well, thankfully). In this world, paranormal abilities and crimes are common enough that there’s actually a division at the police to deal with them: the PCU, or Paranormal Crimes Unit.

The book (I say book loosely; it’s more of a novella) charges right into the action by introducing the detective Henri, who is currently working at a private detective with the gift of reading objects. Henri is a pretty typical crime detective story character, but I liked the fact that his gift gives him almost more grief than it’s worth, between headaches, fatigue and really bad visions.

If the story had just been about him, it would have been pretty typical hardboiled mystery fare. Instead, the author takes a risk and adds another element. Not just a gay romance. Gay romance with a golem, of all things.

You don’t see that very often!  I loved the risk that this writer took, and I think she actually pulled it off. With the paranormal elements and the unusual romance, I found this book very enjoyable, and I plan on getting the next book in the series. Those who love erotic gay fiction do get the sex they crave along with a fun and exciting plot. Best of all the prose is nearly invisible, which means it’s well edited and clean.

Viva la difference!