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Just a quick post today to put up the links to today’s blog tour stops for the release of Murder Once Seen, and a reminder to followers that if you want to get in on the giveaway for a $20 Riptide gift card, be sure to post a comment to one of the blog tour stops!  Also, the giveaway of a signed copy of the book continues on Goodreads.

So far it seems that the playlists for Derwin and Elliot has been the most popular post that I wrote, and today I decided I need some more music for them for Book 3, so I’m updating my iTunes with some new songs.

Anyways, onto the blog tour:

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December 14: Book Reviews and more by Kathy

December 14: Bayou Book Junkie

December 14: Wicken Faerie’s Tales and Reviews


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A new LGBT mystery series on the horizon

And the plot bunnies are back. I managed to hold off this one for a while; the idea first came to me in a vivid dream, no doubt spurred by watching too many episodes of Rizzoli and Isles. Two college-aged girls solving a mystery, a geek and a jock, who eventually fall for each other. A light-hearted contemporary mystery series at some unnamed college campus with lesbians as the crime solvers. I haven’t seen too many of those floating about.

I jotted down a quick note, and continued writing my gay paranormal mystery novel.

Now, however, I’m getting close to the climax in that book (70,000 words written, and an estimated 20,000 or less to go!). The bunny is back in my brain, gnawing at me to flesh out more details.

So I’m doing that now. For each book I use a blank spiral notebook where I jot down all the things that come to me–character descriptions, plot ideas, a beginning scene, research about the setting, basically anything that will help when I get to the actual writing. These girls are starting to take form. Naturally I want to talk about them, like any proud “parent.”

First there is Rosilyn “Ross” Cooper. She’s the jock, playing sports like tennis, softball, and kickboxing. Don’t let the last name fool you; she takes after her mother as a proud Hispanic, with four siblings, mostly older. She’s confident, outgoing, and prefers action over thinking.

Then there’s Allison “Ally” Hoffman. the geek. She’s an only child; her mother is a physician’s assistant and her father is a surgeon. She devours books like candy, loves mysteries, and wants to be a forensic toxicologist or work in the genetics lab. She’s also socially inept and hopeless at anything physical.

So yes, there are obvious echoes of some of your classic duos here. Cagney and Lacey, Moonlighters, maybe even the Odd Couple.  I’m hoping with the younger age of the detectives and the rainbow spin on this that the series will talk to a broader audience. It’s certainly something I’d like to read.

Now I just have to figure out what the crime was. And how they’ll solve it.

Got Tagged!

I was tagged by Velvetpanic in this post: to answer a few questions about my most recent project. So here goes!

1. What are you working on?

As my followers may know, I’ve been working on my first original m/m novel, a paranormal mystery/suspense. I actually just changed the title last week, so it’s now called Murder One, book 1 of the Oddities Series. In the book we meet Derwin Bryant, a bounty hunter with the gift to be able to feed on pain to increase his speed, strength, and agility. He’s trying to find a killer when he runs across Elliot Leed, a rent boy forced to hide his own gift of object reading in a society that hates and abuses those like him with Oddities. The world they live in is fraught with peril, inhabited by demons and monsters where cities must wall themselves off from the wilderness. In solving a murder, they may find they have only scratched the surface of a deeper mystery.

2. How does Murder One differ from other works in the genre?

I haven’t really seen much crossover between mystery and urban fantasy/paranormal in the m/m romance genre. There are a few bright shining series like Psycop, but there’s so much room for more! I’m really excited about this project, more excited than I’ve been in a long time. Another difference is Derwin’s gift. He’s a Sadist, so yes, the book will feature BDSM elements.  I’ve also been having fun writing the encounters with demons–the world has strong Asian influences. All the demons come from Japanese mythology.

3. Why do you write what you do?

For years I separated myself between my “serious” writing which was fantasy and science fiction (published under another name) for the average straight, vanilla folk, and my “fun” writing in fanfiction for the LGBT and BDSM crowd. With the new publishing scene, I finally decided it was time to dive in and write fun seriously!

4. How does your writing process work?

Because I write mostly in alternate worlds, world building is one of the first things that I explore when creating a new book. I have a notebook for each book that I write, where I keep notes on the world names, history, politics, mythology, magic, etc. Once the world has been fleshed out a little, I move next to developing the characters. They too get detailed notes and history. Last I create a basic outline of the plot. I usually plot out the first ten or so chapters, and from there I make it pretty vague, just jotting down different “steps” that need to happen before the climax. I also try to figure out the ending. The rest of it, the journey, I make up as I write. I write in order, just as my characters are experiencing things. As my characters come to life, they often take over from there, and I just have to follow along and see what they do next.

Hmm, and I don’t know enough people yet to tag!  I’ll tag Kaje, Nathan, and Jordan L. Hawke over at Goodreads.

Book Review: Luck in the Shadows, by Lynn Flewelling


Title: Luck in the Shadows

Author: Lynn Flewelling

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Random House

This book kept getting recommended to me by friends, by Goodreads, and interestingly enough, on LGBT boards as well. So naturally it sparked my curiosity. There’s not a lot that speaks to the LGBT or m/m audience in this particular book, other that a touch of cross-dressing and hints about the future. Oh, and maybe a bromance. But that makes sense, as one of the pair is little more than a child, so I’d be disturbed if there was more than innuendo and foreshadowing.

That being said, I found the book enjoyable enough. The politics–particularly when talking about lands not visited yet–was a little beyond me, but I enjoyed the sneaking around and solving mysteries. I’m still getting a grasp of the magic system but that’s the way the series wants to flow, I believe. The real question is, is the book good enough to pull me to read the second?

Hesitatingly, I’d say yes. I like Alec. Seregil is interesting as well, though still largely a mystery. There were some humorous moments in the book as well as tense ones, and it is because of this that I’d try another one. The world isn’t really all that interesting to me yet, but we’ll see. I do say that if the next book isn’t better, I’ll probably move on to other books and series.