Book Review: Luck in the Shadows, by Lynn Flewelling


Title: Luck in the Shadows

Author: Lynn Flewelling

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Random House

This book kept getting recommended to me by friends, by Goodreads, and interestingly enough, on LGBT boards as well. So naturally it sparked my curiosity. There’s not a lot that speaks to the LGBT or m/m audience in this particular book, other that a touch of cross-dressing and hints about the future. Oh, and maybe a bromance. But that makes sense, as one of the pair is little more than a child, so I’d be disturbed if there was more than innuendo and foreshadowing.

That being said, I found the book enjoyable enough. The politics–particularly when talking about lands not visited yet–was a little beyond me, but I enjoyed the sneaking around and solving mysteries. I’m still getting a grasp of the magic system but that’s the way the series wants to flow, I believe. The real question is, is the book good enough to pull me to read the second?

Hesitatingly, I’d say yes. I like Alec. Seregil is interesting as well, though still largely a mystery. There were some humorous moments in the book as well as tense ones, and it is because of this that I’d try another one. The world isn’t really all that interesting to me yet, but we’ll see. I do say that if the next book isn’t better, I’ll probably move on to other books and series.