Research on the fly


God, I love the Internet.

Time used to be, if you were writing a book or a story and you needed to know more about a subject, you had to stop writing, head over to your local library, and dig up books about the subject. When I was younger I used to collect books about all kinds of subjects, so that whenever I needed to know something like medicinal herbs or the name of that one little piece on the underarm of a suit of armor, I’d be able to look it up at home.

Of course this was before the Internet.

Nowadays I’ll be typing along, tippity tap, and then I realize, hey! I need to know what kind of plants grow in gardens in the forests outside Seattle, WA. So I just type into my search engine, and voila.

Instant research.

And with that little tidbit, I go right back to writing

Gotta love modern technology and all the knowledge we now have at our fingertips.