Book Review: Cut and Run by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux


Title: Cut and Run

Authors: Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

Genre: Gay Romance, Suspense

Publisher: Dreamspinner

Year: 2008

When I got the idea to write my first gay romance, immediately the idea came to me to write a mystery series, so I started searching for what’s already out there for gay romance/mystery and gay romantic suspense. This book is the first of a series that is highly successful and popular. In reading it, I soon learned why.

It’s all about the characters.

Ms. Urban and Ms. Roux created the classic “Odd Couple” types–at least that’s what it looks like in the beginning. Ty is sloppy and foul-mouthed, while Zane dresses neatly and acts with professionalism. But as they start to work together to solve a series of grisly murders, the reader learns that surface appearances don’t reflect what’s really there. By the end of the book they have switched manners and appearances and have stripped each other down (literally and figuratively) to the real people hiding underneath.

The murder mystery was pretty standard–I figured out the culprit early on, and was annoyed that they never even suspected the person. The sex was decent (I have high standards on this area in particular) with plenty of teasing and sexual tension. The suspense/thriller aspect was very well done, and is probably one of the things that would draw me into reading the second book. I also liked that characters actually got HURT and had to spend time in hospitals recuperating. You don’t see a lot of that these days, at least in the books I’ve read.

I’m curious to learn more about the character Zane Garrett in particular. This is a fellow dealing with a lot of personal demons (one of my favorite themes) and he┬áhas a temper as well as a tendency to addiction. I’d like to see how he develops over time. I didn’t feel the writers explored Ty’s character as deeply, but there’s plenty of potential there as well.

The ending is pretty predictable and sets up the series. Overall the writing is a decent quality, and I enjoyed the twists and turns, particularly that the writers didn’t make things easy on their characters. Last, these men are not girly or overdressed women in men’s bodies. They act like guys, which I appreciate.

I’d recommend this for m/m and gay romance fans.